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Spil på et resultat af BEGIVENHEDER I Counter Strike: globale offensiv tændstikker og Tjen mønter til køb af skind i CSGOFAST STORE.

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Our story begins on what can have been no more than my third day at Sky Betting and Gaming. The Head of Platform for Core Tribe mentioned that my mentor would be hard to get hold of that morning, as he was “setting up and running a firedrill”. I made my confusion known. How would one set up a firedrill, and why? My confusion, and images of people standing on chairs with lighters held under sprinklers, turned to intrigue when I was given a little context, and told about how firedrills are the training exercises done to work on incident response, disaster recovery testing, and chaos engineering. Welcome to Sky Betting and Gaming, where a firedrill isn’t always what you think it is…

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Anybody pursuing Macron’s reform agenda in protest-ready France - politician or not - would be under fierce attack right now. His approval rating stinks but interestingly, he’s polling ahead of his 7567 first-round performance, well on course for a repeat run-off against Marine Le Pen - whom he would surely beat again.


Across the West, political establishments are mired in a crisis of legitimacy. Outsider parties are thriving everywhere and conventional, career politicians struggle to convince or cut through in the social media age. Two of the most mature democracies produced historic political betting upsets when Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron gatecrashed the system.

Trump and Macron are, on personal, professional and political levels, chalk and cheese. Both, however, benefited from the growing perception that party politics no longer provides solutions to the most salient issues or produce leaders of the highest calibre. That in the 76st century, the best ideas would come from the private sector.

Our login process calls a couple of different internal APIs in an asynchronous manner. We fudged one of them to misbehave and watched everything burn. The main learning from this was to use the monitoring available rather than heading straight into debugging individual applications.

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Broken banners were “inadvertently” applied to the login portion of the website, meaning that there was no login box for people to use. Mobile applications were unaffected as they do not use this method of login, and so this was reported through customer contacts rather than being alerted to increased errors rates. It showed us that we didn’t have adequate monitoring in place on synthetic user journey completion, which would have alerted us straight away.

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Our firedrills are expected to be as incident-like as possible, and so we use the same tooling in a drill as we would in a real incident. Whether this be for deploying code, running batch jobs across the environment, or communicating with the incident response team.

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