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Betting terms

Sorting through these thousands of sites to find the reliable ones quickly becomes, for many folks, a serious source of stress. Which is just another reason to be so very glad that, for you at least, the search is over. After all, you 8767 ve found EaziBet.  

Betting terms – The Social Gambler

The result that is announced immediately after the end of the betting event is applicable (. award ceremony, if it is held immediately after the betting event).


that he has no knowledge prior to concluding the contract about the outcome of the underlying event.

Betting Terms

Due to the lack of other mandatory responsibility regulations, the responsible court at the location of the bookmaker’s head office is responsible for settling all disputes resulting from betting contracts.

For many people, this turns the process of setting up what should be a fun, convenient, accessible pastime into something overwhelming and stressful and many of them give up before finding a site that suits them.  

This term will often come up in horse racing and it refers to the point when a horse is withdrawn before coming under starters orders but its withdrawal doesn’t give enough time for the betting market to be adjusted. In this case, backers of the horse in question are entitled to their stakes back, subject to charges as specified by the relevant bookie.

If a bet becomes void, your stake is returned and the bet is off. There a number of reasons for this happening so it’s best to check the terms and conditions of your bookmaker before placing your bet.

If for any reason the content of the betting contract should prove to be undetermined or undeterminable, the bet is invalid and the stake is returned.

The accumulator, or ‘acca’ as it’s come to be known, is a very popular form of betting, especially in football. This bet allows you to combine four or more single bets, as one bet in itself. Punters will select one potential outcome from the three possible available (home win, draw, away Win) and add their choice to their accumulator. Naturally, the more bet added to the list, the longer the odds and potential winnings become. To win an accumulator, all legs of your bet (or outcomes picked) must be correct, otherwise the bet will not pay out.

This is a similar term to banker although it suggests that there is a greater degree of certainty here. When a horse, team or individual is widely expected to win their event, they are said to be ‘nailed on’.

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